Executive Board Elections for 2016-2017

June 16, 2016

Election results are in! We had 15 brothers eligible to vote and a total of 10 brothers cast their vote by the deadline.

-President: Kimberly Lee Franklin (10-0)
-EVP: Tyler Austria (10-0)
-VP Finance: Emily Silber (10-0)
-VP of Programming: Kerry Doubleu (10-0)
-VP of Chapter Relations: Quanice G. Floyd (10-0)
-VP of Communications: Ivory Smith (5-4-1)

Congratulations to the new executive board. Term starts July 1st!



It is time to vote for elections! All dues paying brothers as of 5/15 were sent ballots to the email address we have on file. If you would like to vote, please go ahead and pay your dues and a ballot will be sent to you. Elections close on 6/15, at 11:45pm. New officers will be announced shortly after. Questions can be directed to president@akpsicaa.com.

Available positions and current officers for 2015-2016:

President: Alycia Stokes
EVP: Tyler Austria
VP of Finance: Emily Silber
VP of Communications: Kimberly Lee Franklin
VP of Chapter Relations: Rheal Radwany
VP of Programming: Rachel Vandeveire

As requested, the following have confirmed their interest in running for a position for the 2016-2017 executive board:

President: Kimberly Lee Franklin
EVP: Tyler Austria
VP of Finance: Emily Silber
VP of Programming: Kerry Doubleu 
VP of Chapter Relations: Quanice G. Floyd
VP of Communications: Matthew Phillips and Ivory Smith

Candidates are encouraged to submit statements for the brothers to review. Statements can be posted on facebook or emailed to president@akpsicaa.com. All statements received will be published below:

-Kerry Worthington/Doubleu: VP of Programming: Facebook video (if you have trouble viewing, it is posted on the CAA facebook page as well)


The descriptions and duties of each position were sent in our newsletter, but I have reprinted them below for your convenience: 

President: The President is responsible for organizing and running the quarterly  planning meetings. The President is also responsible for delegating tasks to the Executive Board at his/her discretion. The President represents the Chapter in regional activities.  The President is also responsible for the strategic vision of the chapter through the formation of a mission statement and future goals.  The President may have other duties and obligations as decided by the Executive Board of the Chapter.

Executive Vice President: The Executive Vice President serves as the liaison between the Alumni chapter and the Heritage Center. They are responsible for the annual submission of the Alumni Annual Chapter Report before May 15th of each year. They also ensure the timely submission of the Annual Chapter Report. They will assist the President in the duties of serving the chapter.  The Executive Vice President may have other duties and obligations as decided by the Executive Board of the Chapter.

Vice President of Finance: The Vice President of Finance is responsible for the timely submission of dues and roster information to the Heritage Center, and the upkeep of all financial accounts of the chapter. The Vice President of Finance also plans all fundraising activities for the chapter and prepares a yearly budget. An updated financial report should be presented at each planning meeting of the chapter to the membership. 

Vice President of Communications: The Vice President of Communications is responsible for documenting all activities of the chapter and distributing timely information on the upcoming events. Minutes for all chapter and Executive Board meetings should be sent to the general membership within one  week of the meeting date. They maintain the domain accounts of the Chapter, email accounts for the executive board, the website, distribution list, and any online presence of the Chapter, to include social media sites. They are also responsible for distribution of the Newsletter, and monthly event emails (1stof each Month).  The Vice President of Communications may appoint a Webmaster at their discretion. 

VP of Chapter Relations: The Vice President of Chapter Relations is responsible for all communications with the other alumni chapters and student chapters. The Vice President of Chapter Relations is responsible for all recruitment efforts of the chapter and retention of current members.  The Vice President of Chapter Relations is responsible for planning a social event for each month, any supplemental brother events that are submitted via the chapter website, alumni social events with other Alumni chapters, and student networking events each semester. 

VP of Programming: 
 The Vice President of Programming is responsible for the professional development and service of the chapter members. They are responsible for planning and informing the membership about opportunities for professional networking and community service projects. These activities will be up to the discretion of the chapter and will be measured through a survey each year maintained by the Vice President of Programming. The Vice President of Programming is responsible for the future growth of events and working with other Vice Presidents on satisfying their event goals.


There has been a request for a nominating chair to be appointed for elections to ensure transparency and avoid conflicts of interest. I think this is a great idea for next year's executive board to discuss and implement in the beginning of the election process. 

-Alycia Stokes

President, CAA